Let us take care of your infrastructure so you can
take care of business, and save costs up to 70%

Let us take care of your infrastructure so you can take care of business


Why Outsource your IT Support ?

Cost Savings: You need to be very cost-conscious and maximize your return on investment. Swan outsourcing is an effective way of cutting operational costs by as much as 70%.

Operate and expand with No Capex:  You would like to avoid large capital expenditures like office space, workstations, connectivity, IT infrastructure or any other related facilities. Swan outsourcing enables you to operate and expand without the need for any capital expenditures.


Focus on core competencies: Outsourcing enables customers to divert their attention from supplementary tasks and focus on their core functions. IT help-desk and Server/Network administration are the non-core tasks for many companies and consume the time of the management if handled in-house. When these tasks are outsourced, the company management can focus on the company’s core competency and bring better services and products into the market. 


Quality: Swan has expert employees along with specialized processes and technology that ensure better quality of output for your organization.

Flexibility: Outsourcing provides flexibility to the customer as the buyer can change the team serving them or the vendor if required. Changing a team/vendor in case of poor delivery is much easier than changing a full-time employee. Our outsourcing conditions for change in requirement or termination of contract ensuring flexibility, for example, ANYTIME money back guarantee.

Time-to-market: Swan outsourcing offers round the clock work benefits and hence reduces the time-to-market. Swan outsourcing may also result in time saving because the vendor has skills and expertise that are not internal to the customer organization. Outsourcing also enables faster start-up, development and scalability for new operations.
Access to diverse technologies: Swan have focus on particular services and play in volume. This enables them to keep themselves up-to-date with the technology required in these services. The customer can thus avoid technology obsolescence and leverage the vendor’s access to diverse and advanced technologies.


Risk Mitigation:  You need to avoid long-term commitments and long-term risks. Swan outsourcing enables you to enter into flexible agreements where you can ramp up or shut down on a short-term notice and without any termination costs.

Let us review some facts and statistics 

  • Outsourcing this year accounts for 10.6% of the IT budget on average.
  • Small organizations are now spending 6.7% of their IT budget on outsourcing at the median this year, not much different from the 6.3% for large organizations.
  • Application development is outsourced, entirely or in part, by 53% of IT organizations.
  • Percent of U.S.Companies that Outsource IT Services is 43 % 
  • Total number of U.S. jobs outsourced in 2015 is 2,382,000 jobs.
  • The value of ITO contracts signed in 2014 in Europe was €7.7 billion according to the Information Services Group.

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We offer most of pricing models and a high degree of billing transparency so clients
can feel assured that they are getting the most for their money

Pricing Models:

IT Support: Pay as you go (per ticket)

We fully support you per ticket, no matter how big is your environment. and ensure our Incentive to get problems done by paying only for finished tickets. This is best for businesses which have variable demand based work and require frequent scaling up or down of resources.

IT Support: Server Administration

We fully support your servers with unlimited support tickets and assure their reliability and security. To ensure maximum up-time, you have to proactively monitor your systems to detect any anomalies that might indicate an imminent problem. You also have to do routine upgrades, system tweaking and maintenance. Not every company has the luxury of IT staff they can dedicate to these tasks.

IT Support: Fixed price

A fixed price model is the most common model used in the outsourcing industry, in which the price for the project is decided at the start. It is an ideal pricing model for projects which have clear scope, objectives and a stable set of requirements. Both parties, the outsourcer and the service provider are aware of each other’s duties, skills and capabilities.

Staff Leasing: Managed by us, report to you and  you assign tasks

Offshore staffing enables firms to establish their own teams overseas. Employees are then full-time deployed resources originating from the country where operations are taken place. The virtual staff is legally employed, yet they will directly report to your organization. Moreover your organization has the opportunity to determine the level of direct control over the composed team. The management could be through various communication channels, with a Unified Communication and Collaboration tool, including text, voice and video chats, emails and ticketing system.

The benefits of offshore staffing are immense. For instance you will be able to save 70% of the human resource costs. Besides, cost efficiency is also translated through the reduced need to provide the offshore staff with workstations, connectivity, utilities, HR, insurance and any other related facilities. Other benefits include a better operational flexibility, access to talented and highly qualified employees, transparency and control, and global reach.

Virtual Captives: Maximum control, Full management

Virtual captive is a business model wherein an offshore third-party vendor provides a captive center to a parent business. In this set up, the vendor not only provides infrastructure and assets, dedicated resources and office resources to the client, but also manpower-related services that include recruitment and skills training. Although the provider takes the responsibility in monitoring day-to-day operations, the client has full control over the professional management, processes and technology of the business. It is also the client’s responsibility to settle a fixed markup along with the wages of the offshore staff and other overhead costs involved. In short, the business model is purely a cooperative process between the provider and the client.

Also we offer custom hybrid models and Build-Operate-Transfer arrangement

The business case is compelling and the math is often quite simple: for the costs of a single employee domestically,
you could employ a team of three college-degree professionals doing the exact same work
and with the same qualifications.

All IT Support Plans include


    • 1st Line & 2nd Line Helpdesk Support
    • Ticketing system
    • Call & Chat support
    • Remote PC support
    • Technical support via email
    • 24/7/365 Emergency Resolution


    • Server software and hardware support
    • Most Windows and Linux Platforms Supported
    • Hacked Server/Network Analysis & Recovery
    • Administration Consultation
    • Restore a server from backup
    • Server Migrations & Transfers