Let us take care of your infrastructure so you can
take care of business, and save costs up to 70%



We use 100% university educated engineers
and computer science graduates.


Consultation is absolutely FREE. No risk, no obligation, no charge


Periodically, we suggest and implement new solutions to improve your IT performance and functionality, that suits your budget.


We offer new systems design, installations and configurations. and all comes at very flexible
and affordable prices.


Anytime flexible switch to other plan, and all your unused quota will be moved with you.


We offer a high degree of transparency so clients can feel assured that they are getting the most for                their money.


Anytime unsubscribe and receive all your data and knowledge base. And refund all unused services.


The price you see is the price you will pay with no unpleasant surprises

Service Failures

Web, mail, DNS or database services can fail due to upgrade errors, permission issues, log size issues, etc. As soon as
a service failure is detected, the root cause is identified, and service is restarted before it affects any users.

24/7 Emergency Administration

Handling server emergencies is an integral part of outsourced helpdesk support. We maintain service uptime/quality by promptly restoring failed services, mitigating server load, etc.

Quit worrying about work, off-work. Your services remain online with 24/7 emergency administration.

Server Wide Security Events

Some security vulnerabilities are massively exploited through botnets. When we notice a trend in hack reports, or when a serious vulnerability is disclosed in security forums, we immediately notify you, and apply available patches.

Server Load Mitigation
Server load spikes can be easily fixed if detected early. Our support team keeps an eye on load trends at all times. Any load spike is immediately mitigated through quarantining abusive tasks, de-prioritizing non-critical processes, adjusting resource settings, etc.