Let us take care of your infrastructure so you can
take care of business, and save costs up to 70%

Staff Leasing: Managed by us, report to you and  you assign tasks

Offshore staffing enables firms to establish their own teams overseas. Employees are then full-time deployed resources originating from the country where operations are taken place. The virtual staff is legally employed, yet they will directly report to your organization. Moreover your organization has the opportunity to determine the level of direct control over the composed team. The management could be through various communication channels, with a Unified Communication and Collaboration tool, including text, voice and video chats, emails and ticketing system.

The benefits of offshore staffing are immense. For instance you will be able to save 70% of the human resource costs. Besides, cost efficiency is also translated through the reduced need to provide the offshore staff with workstations, connectivity, utilities, HR, insurance and any other related facilities. Other benefits include a better operational flexibility, access to talented and highly qualified employees, transparency and control, and global reach.

For a technician gross-salary of $2500 , you can get a team of three college-graduate certified and qualified engineers working full time for you, with no startup cost or any hidden fees.

 Many start by trying our services through a Support plan, Once they like the results, they will often step it up by getting their own dedicated people through our offshore staff leasing services. This often starts with only one person. As they learn how effective offshore staffing can be, they rapidly expand and add more employees to their offshore team. 

How can you use your virtual staff?

  • Dedicated employee will work for you on a full time basis
  • Dedicated employee will work during the hours you specify
  • Dedicated employees can also be used for other tasks (apart from IT support)
  • You can also get a team of dedicated employees to work on your project

How will you communicate with and manage your staff?

  • Full Featured Collaboration and Unified Communication platform
  • Professional Emails
  • Phone calls
  • Chat
  • Video conferences
  • Ticketing system


IT Support: System/Network Administrator

  • Junior Level: $800.00/month
  • Senior Level: $1,200.00/month
  • Expert Level: $1,800.00/month

Web Development

  • Junior Level: $1,100.00/month
  • Senior Level: $1,500.00/month

And other services are coming soon ...

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